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Oh, hey there! My it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this thing. I’ve been BOMBARDED with requests to update my thousands upon thousands of readers with an update of my activities, and I’ve never been one to disappoint. So get yourself a snack and a beer and get settled while you read back on some of the exciting things I accomplished this past summer/fall:

1) I got hit by a car! Okay, this isn’t necessarily an accomplishment, but anytime you collide with heavy machinery it definitely makes the memory bank. One August morning I was out for a training run and crossed an intersection at the “walk” signal. Glancing over my left shoulder, I didn’t see any drivers turning right into the intersection. Unfortunately, a black SUV was turning from the far right turn lane and hit me with their front passenger mirror and front end. They also drove off, bastard! Anyway, I was lucky to walk away relatively unharmed. I sustained a bruised calf muscle and tendonitis in my left foot that took me out of the running game for nearly a month.

While I’m totally healed by now, my speed and endurance have not returned. At all. In fact, I’m practically back to the speeds I was hitting my first year running. It’s been humbling for sure, and a bit disconcerting. Running feels extra difficult lately. I’ve scheduled a doctor’s appointment to rule out any vitamin deficiencies, or cancer or AIDS or whatever.

2) I ran my fifth marathon in my fourth state! MEDALS AND RUNNING ALL THE STATES!!! I knocked Indiana off my list by running the Indianapolis Monumental on November 1st. I had no great expectations for this run. My lack of long runs due to my accident and slowing speeds made me adopt a “fuck it!” attitude. I knew I could finish, and that’s all I expected.

What I didn’t expect was how much fun I’d have. Indianapolis is a fun town- clean, safe, and full of bars and good eats. The architecture was also stunning. I made this trip with my friend and running-buddy extraordinaire, Mary Beth. After our respective races we ate and drank away the soreness.
Oh, and for the record, I finished in 5:02:06. Blaaaah. Whatever, I got my medal bitches!

3) I finished a triathlon without freaking out in the water! By far my proudest accomplishment this summer. On September 14th I completed the Holly Recreation Area sprint triathlon, held by Tri To Finish. It was one of the first chilly mornings of the fall and temps were in the low 40s. The scenery was pretty and serene and helped calm my out of control swimming nerves. I finished the swim, slowly but surely, and proceeded to one of the hilliest bike courses I’ve ever experienced. In fact, I saw many an athlete walk their expensive tri bikes up the relentless hills.

I, however, stayed on my 1,000-ton road bike and never walked. I ran the 5K with no feeling in my quads and crossed that finish line with immense pride. I did it! Finally a successful sprint triathlon in 2014! I fell in love with Tri To Finish events so much after this race that I entered their contest to be a sponsored team member in 2015. What does that mean? I have no idea! But they claim they pick “heart over speed”, so thank God for that. I submitted my pitch yesterday. Fingers and toes crossed!

4) I paced more races! Along with my Your Pace or Mine buddies, I’ve been fortunate to pace two half marathons this fall- The Brooksie Way and the Clarkston Backroads. What’s better than running a fall half marathon? Running for free and inspiring other runners, of course! I absolutely love pacing and can’t wait for more opportunities. There’s even been talks of YPOM being asked to pace the Charlevoix Half Marathon, which all my millions of readers will recognize as my favorite half marathon EVER.

So what’s next? I’m currently training for the Rock N’ Roll New Orleans Marathon on January 25th. My super-awesome-boyfriend Shawn will be running with me, although much faster and further ahead of me I’m sure. Jerk. Mary Beth and some wild YPOMers will be joining the fun as well. I would love a PR, no matter how small. In the meantime I’m cleaning up my diet (haha not really), doing more speedwork, and waiting to hear what the doctor tells me in regards to my recent sluggishness. I’ve also been hitting up the pool more often in hopes of an epic and wildly stupid goal I have for next summer…you’ll have to stay tuned.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your tips for getting over a running slump below!*

*Besides rest, because that would just be silly.

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Kinda, I Want To

On Saturday I ran my first 5K since recovering from peroneal tendonitis. I finished in 28:04, nothing special. However, it was somehow special enough for me to win my age group. What a sad showing from the 24-29 year-olds. Despite the weak competition I won against, that didn’t stop me from wearing my medal all day.

I am registered to run the Back to the Beach half marathon on May 20th (3 days after my 29th birthday), and I am tossing back and forth between whether I should run it or not. I lost valuable training time due to my injury and my endurance has yet to recover. I also think I should be saving my strength for the Charlevoix Half Marathon at the end of June. That was my first half last year, so naturally it is a sentimental and favored race of mine. If I run on May 20th and re-aggravate my foot, causing me to miss out on Charlevoix, I will be majorly pissed. Like, destroy all things in my path pissed.

However, I have missed out on one (expensive) half marathon already. What’s the harm of showing up and running? So what if I’m slower than usual? So what if I’m forced to walk portions of it? My husband agrees with this “What’s the worst that can happen?” mentality, although the furthest he’s ever run is from his car to the gas station to buy cigarettes. Running a half marathon is difficult, especially if you haven’t trained adequately.

Well, I have about a week to decide!  At the very least I will show up and claim my free shirt. The biggest regret in missing out on a race you registered for isn’t the loss of an awesome accomplishment, but the loss of race swag.

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Where is Everybody?

“Is everything speeding up/or am I slowing down?”

That’s right! Every single thing I write will relate to NIN in some way because I’m obnoxious like that. Along with running (and my husband, and our cats, and rum…), Trent Reznor is one of my main obsessions in life.

Well, I am definitely slowing down. It’s amazingly sad how just two weeks of not running derailed all the progress I made in speed and endurance. Getting back into the habit of wanting to run is another story. Though it was depressing and my butt started to jiggle more than usual, having an injury and not being able to run was kind of, dare I say it…freeing? For the first time in months I found time to do such leisurely activities as finish reading the 25 half-read books sitting on my shelf (one down, 24 to go!).

But May is a new month without injury and it’s time to start running my (jiggly) ass off! Though I was tired and hungry after work I forced myself to explore some new trails at Orion Oaks County Park. The two most exciting aspects of exploring a new park is 1) finding the usually small, unmarked parking lot, and 2) finding the actual running trail, and not just the path that leads to the nearest port-a-potty.

Once I got on the right trail I was immediately bewildered by how alone I was in a vast, open field. Despite the beautiful weather there was not a single soul out running! It was pretty cool but pretty frightening at the same time. I immediately imagined 100 rapists hiding behind bushes, just waiting for some slow girl to jog by.

Despite being jumpy, and despite the trails being poorly marked and having to guess my way back to my car, this was a beautiful and challenging 3.35 miles. The path was hilly and sandy and I was definitely winded despite my slow 10.26/mile pace. I signed up for a half marathon (pre-injury of course!) on May 20th and was warned it was a hilly route. I will definitely be running more at Orion Oaks to train, and to enjoy the nature and solitude.

I never know how to end anything  I write, so I’ll just say this: Thank God I can run again. Books are overrated.

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Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I start writing about running and sign up for three half marathons in the coming three months, I get injured. I mean, really injured. I was able to run through my shin splints last spring. I could barely even walk with peroneal tendonitis.

How did this happen? I blame my new Vibrams- not the shoe itself, I felt great running in them. Too great, really, since I ran way too much in them and never let my feet truly transition (I’m trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about). Also, I think the switching back-and-forth between my Vibrams and more cushioned Brooks shoes may have aggravated something. My feet never knew what to think. The result of this confusion was peroneal tendonitis.

I happened during a 10.5 mile run on April 7th. At exactly mile 9, my right calf and ankle seized up and I couldn’t move my foot. I stretched my calf out and that helped for about five minutes. At mile 9.5 I decided to swallow my pride and walk the remaining distance to my car. Something was definitely wrong, but I stupidly thought a good night’s rest and plenty of rum would cure what ailed me.

Well, to make a long story short, I spent most of the rest of April sitting on my butt and pouting because I couldn’t run. I’ve been doing some strength training and even made it into the pool for a swim, but nothing feels as good as running. I’m happy to report that things have felt back to normal for the past week now, so I’m going to tempt the gods of running by attempting a short run tonight.

In other news you don’t care about, Randy and I are finally in our NEW HOME! That’s right! Time to buy some mace because it looks like I’ll be running in some sketchy areas. Hey, that could help my speed!

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