Red Carpet Course (JN) - 319

FAQ about the Rum Runner!*

1) How did you get the title for your blog?

Historically speaking, a Rummrunner was one who smuggled booze illegally across the Canadian/American border during the era of Prohibition. As a history major, I always found this period of American history fascinating and wrote many a term paper on it.

Personally speaking, I drink rum, a LOT of rum, and run, A LOT of miles. Therefore, I am the self-proclaimed Rum Runner.

2) Are you an alcoholic?

No, I have a healthy respect for rum.

3) Admitting it is always the first step…

I can quit at any time!!

4) Why do you run?

I run to calm my anxiety. I run so I can eat crap. I run to drink more beer. I run for a natural high. I run to see my friends. I run to enjoy nature. I run to chase away the demons. I run to find myself.

Most importantly though, I run for MEDALS!! Seriously, it’s all for shiny medals.

5) Your blog is aesthetically displeasing. What the hell is wrong with you?

I’m a runner and writer, not a graphic designer or photographer. Deal with it.

*none of the above questions have ever been asked by anyone. 


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