Random Thoughts: March Madness Edition

ImageMarch has been a month of personal records for the Rum Runner, in both the 5K and Half-Marathon (26:00 and 2:01:36 respectively). I should have recapped those races but frankly I just don’t feel like it. The thought of another race recap bores the hell out of me. My mind is more sporadic which leads us to yet another edition of Random Thoughts:

1) Randy and I leave for Utah on Easter Sunday to visit our favorite couple ever, Tracy and Charlie. Tracy and I met in college when we became roommates. We spent many a drunken night making fun of The Dog Whisperer and the rest is history. We’ll be visiting Moab for some hiking and mule riding and spend the rest of our time Sister-Wifing around Salt Lake City. I can’t wait!

2) I just bought a six-month unlimited yoga package at my favorite studio. I really hope to get my money’s worth and be able to contort into a pretzel by the end of September.

3) My morning routine could use an overhaul. Right now it consists of abusing the Snooze button, jumping out of bed way too late, tripping over cats, screaming about having nothing to wear, and rushing out the door still half asleep. Now that the weather is nicer I want to make a new tradition of getting up earlier to run two miles every morning. Just two easy miles to awake my mind and body and start the day off right.

4) Saturday morning me and some Your Pace or Mine buddies will be running the 16 mile training run held by the Lake Orion Hansons. I don’t have 16 miles on my schedule but I’m going rogue and doing it anyway! YOU AREN’T THE BOSS OF ME HAL HIGDON!

5) I’ve been craving really strong coffee lately. I’ve been drinking it black, which I never do. I’ve also been craving really good microbrews and I’ve never been a huge beer drinker. My friend joked that my strange cravings could mean I was pregnant, though I think most people would agree that coffee and beer are horrible pregnancy cravings. By the way, I’m definitely not preggo. CHEERS!

What are everyone’s spring plans? Any races on the horizon? Any babies in the oven? Oh my that sounded terrible. You know what I meant.





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2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: March Madness Edition

  1. 1st off, way to rock that half. You’ll have that sub 2 goal in no-time!

    My morning routine has taken a turn for the worst. There are days that I contemplate not showering until after my lunchtime workout. I may adopt the 2-mile morning routine as well; even take Buddy, maybe.

    How was the Hanson’s 16 miler? I did the GP one last year as part of my 20 mile training run. It was well organized and I got to meet and talk with this nice older lady who I soon realized was Kevin and Keith’s mom.

    You seem to be having a blast in UT. You should try and enter a commune.

    We’re heading to Traverse City in mid-May for a couple nights – child free (!). Aside from hitting many wineries and breweries, I’d like to run some of the VASA since our hotel is a mile from a trailhead. I’d love to run a ton of it, but I think that would have some negative effect on Back 2 the Beach which is like 3 days later.

    No baby baking ’round here. Not yet, anyway. Is there a guilt-free recipe?

    This is a really long reply…

    • lboogiebean says:

      Um, yeah, that was a long reply. How dare you. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the training run because I awoke on Saturday morning with, *ahem* lady problems. I had to wait and run in the afternoon 😦 Utah WAS a blast, no communes for me though! They don’t allow Bacardi. And if you are going to Traverse City the VASA trail is awesome! So scenic and fun, but pay attention because it’s easy to get lost. I did a trail race out there last September and loved it.

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