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A Warm Place


Confession: I strongly dislike New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. First of all, there’s the hassle of having to pay a cover to get into your favorite bars, which will be overflowing with novice drinkers who can’t hold their liquor. Then there’s the big come down of counting down until midnight, when the crowd erupts despite nothing at all changing, except having to write a new year on your checks (yes I still write checks sometimes).

I will confess, however, into buying into the fervor of making goals for the new year. As someone who views most of their life as a failure to live up to expectations (sorry, I’ve never been known for my optimism), the promise of new beginnings and opportunities is exciting. This past year I met my main goals of finding a house and finishing (barely) a full marathon. And now, since I know you’re all on the edge of your seats, I present to you my goals for 2013:

1) Study for and *hopefully* pass the Series 7 exam: For those of you not in the financial industry, the Series 7 is a license that essentially allows you to buy and sell securities. It also means earning more money in my current position. I’m kind of fond of money. I’m not fond of studying, however, and the Series 7 is on par with the Bar Exam in terms of difficutly.

2) Run another marathon, break five hours!: Not just break five hours, smash it to pieces. My Detroit finishing time of 5:20 will shit it’s pants when it sees the new PR that 2013 is sure to bring. I’ve already registered for New York’s Wineglass Marathon in October. Debating on running a spring marathon as well.

3) Stop being such a pussy: It should be evident from reading this mess of a blog that fear and anxiety run my life, especially the social realm. It took a lot for me to show up to my first day running with Your Pace or Mine. I did put myself out there though, and was able to meet an awesome group of people (some of whom I’m running with at the Wineglass Marathon). I’m not saying that being an introvert is something that needs fixing, but being timid and scared of perfectly nice people does. Last night I went to a party thrown by some YPOMers. It was akward and I didn’t talk too much, and I also tossed and turned all night worrying about what I did say, and whether or not I embarrassed myself. WHAT A BLAST! Being confident in social situations has been a life-long struggle, so I don’t expect it to be resolved by the end of the year. I just need to keep taking more risks.

I don’t know about you all, but I’m super happy the holidays are over and I actually have some time to myself to plan and scheme. I’m excited to be running a half marathon in January, appropriately titled the Snowman. Winter can kiss my ass! You will not derail my running!

Enough about me though. What are YOUR goals for 2013? What would you like to do more of (or less of)? Make me a happy girl and leave a comment below.

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