Kinda, I Want To

On Saturday I ran my first 5K since recovering from peroneal tendonitis. I finished in 28:04, nothing special. However, it was somehow special enough for me to win my age group. What a sad showing from the 24-29 year-olds. Despite the weak competition I won against, that didn’t stop me from wearing my medal all day.

I am registered to run the Back to the Beach half marathon on May 20th (3 days after my 29th birthday), and I am tossing back and forth between whether I should run it or not. I lost valuable training time due to my injury and my endurance has yet to recover. I also think I should be saving my strength for the Charlevoix Half Marathon at the end of June. That was my first half last year, so naturally it is a sentimental and favored race of mine. If I run on May 20th and re-aggravate my foot, causing me to miss out on Charlevoix, I will be majorly pissed. Like, destroy all things in my path pissed.

However, I have missed out on one (expensive) half marathon already. What’s the harm of showing up and running? So what if I’m slower than usual? So what if I’m forced to walk portions of it? My husband agrees with this “What’s the worst that can happen?” mentality, although the furthest he’s ever run is from his car to the gas station to buy cigarettes. Running a half marathon is difficult, especially if you haven’t trained adequately.

Well, I have about a week to decide!  At the very least I will show up and claim my free shirt. The biggest regret in missing out on a race you registered for isn’t the loss of an awesome accomplishment, but the loss of race swag.

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