Where is Everybody?

“Is everything speeding up/or am I slowing down?”

That’s right! Every single thing I write will relate to NIN in some way because I’m obnoxious like that. Along with running (and my husband, and our cats, and rum…), Trent Reznor is one of my main obsessions in life.

Well, I am definitely slowing down. It’s amazingly sad how just two weeks of not running derailed all the progress I made in speed and endurance. Getting back into the habit of wanting to run is another story. Though it was depressing and my butt started to jiggle more than usual, having an injury and not being able to run was kind of, dare I say it…freeing? For the first time in months I found time to do such leisurely activities as finish reading the 25 half-read books sitting on my shelf (one down, 24 to go!).

But May is a new month without injury and it’s time to start running my (jiggly) ass off! Though I was tired and hungry after work I forced myself to explore some new trails at Orion Oaks County Park. The two most exciting aspects of exploring a new park is 1) finding the usually small, unmarked parking lot, and 2) finding the actual running trail, and not just the path that leads to the nearest port-a-potty.

Once I got on the right trail I was immediately bewildered by how alone I was in a vast, open field. Despite the beautiful weather there was not a single soul out running! It was pretty cool but pretty frightening at the same time. I immediately imagined 100 rapists hiding behind bushes, just waiting for some slow girl to jog by.

Despite being jumpy, and despite the trails being poorly marked and having to guess my way back to my car, this was a beautiful and challenging 3.35 miles. The path was hilly and sandy and I was definitely winded despite my slow 10.26/mile pace. I signed up for a half marathon (pre-injury of course!) on May 20th and was warned it was a hilly route. I will definitely be running more at Orion Oaks to train, and to enjoy the nature and solitude.

I never know how to end anything  I write, so I’ll just say this: Thank God I can run again. Books are overrated.

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