How’d you get so big, how’d you get so strong?

Looking back at my running history on Daily Mile, I’m amazed how much my speed and endurance has improved. My average paces this time last year were between 11-12:30 minute miles. Now I’m averaging 9-10 minute miles. I could lie and say I made a concerted effort to get faster through research and speed training, but I know it all has to do with kicking the cigarettes for good. Even a social smoking habit can slow you down.

One thing I need to improve- nutrition. Being a typical body-dysmorphic girl I equate eating big meals with growing an even bigger butt. My tendency to not snack has been affecting my after-work runs. A tiny microwaved meal consumed at 12:30 will not adequately sustain a six-mile run at 5:30. I got some great advice from DMers yesterday on how they fuel up half an hour before a run. My favorite idea- Clif Bars. I once caught my husband stealing a Peanut Butter Pretzel Mojo bar from my stash and I almost cut him.

Treadmill run tonight, long run on the Paint Creek Trail tomorrow. I will experiment with gels and hopefully that will help me reach 11+ miles. Good Friday, indeed.

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2 thoughts on “How’d you get so big, how’d you get so strong?

  1. paralleljohnny says:

    PB Pretzel Mojo is my favorite Cliff Bar. I’m a fan of Hammer Gels. GU is my backup.

  2. lboogiebean says:

    Never tried Hammer Gels- how do they compare to GU?

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